The 26th Mini Meet East.

Image and note from David Lindsey:

“It was a hectic event that year for us. Mother made some noise that day, and our initial picnic and pano site cancelled the morning of the event and we had to scramble. But thanks to the city of Dublin, and especially the Dublin Police Dept. they saved our bacon., with an even better site than the original. But unknown to everybody COMO (Central Ohio Mini Owners) still put together a great meet. We also had some seasoned help ( and welcome pounds) from OMO (Ohio Mini Owners) to add to our support. A large number of walk in registrations in a Mini Meet can really be rough to handle if you are not prepared for it.. But COMO has a lot of experience hosting meets with this particular issue and are always well prepared. We know their coming!! Also Columbus is a very, very unique geographic location that attracts a lot of different areas. Especially Canada. Some of the MME’s held in Ohio traditionally had around %30 to %40 Canadian turn out. Which in our book, makes the gathering truly special. So ………Lookout Spearfish …. their coming!!  So ….PLEASE PREREGISTER ……… if you can!!”